Stabilizer & Surface Protectors

• Span: 44", Standoff: 10".
Bucket hanger included.
• Mar-resistant rubber end caps protect work surface.
• Kit includes: (1) pre-assembled unit. No tools required for assembly.
• Quick-release attach pins connect stabilizer arms to body without tools.
• Spring-loaded locking latch makes it easier and quicker to install/remove.
AC78 Application

Do Not use any stabilizer on ladders longer than 40 feet or in conjunction with ladder jacks.

Product Name- Item # Price

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For use on ALL extension and single ladders with:
1-1/4" Round Rungs 1-1/2" Flat Rungs
 7100-1  D6000-2
 7100-2  D6400-2
1-5/8" Flat Rungs 1-3/4" Flat Rungs
 D6200-1  D7136-2 ¦ D7136-2LV
 D7140-2 ¦ D7140-2LV

 D7116-2 ¦
 D7120-2 ¦ D7120-2LV
 D7124-2 ¦ D7124-2LV
 D7128-2 ¦ D7128-2LV
 D7132-2 ¦ D7132-2LV

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For series (Mk 1 & Mk 2)
 6052  6092  9500-1
 6062  6102  9500-2

Warning Not to be used on Multiladders, Type III Aluminum Extension or Type II Fiberglass Extension ladders. Do not use in conjuction with ladder jacks using planks or stages.
AC78 $65.00

Rubber End Caps for Stabilizers

Rubber End Caps for Stabilizers

Fits on: AC78 (Quickclick™Stabilizer) | AC96 (Fixed Stabilizer)

Kit includes:
(2) Molded Caps
(2) Tubing Caps
AC36-2 $10.00

AC78 Hardware Kit

AC78 Hardware Kit

Fits on: AC78 - Quickclick™ Adjustable Stabilizer

Kit includes:
(2) Molded Caps
(2) Tubing Caps
(2) Wire Lock Pins
(1) Bucket Hanger
36-3 $19.00

AC78 Replacement Pin & Chain

AC78 Replacement Pin & Chain

Fits on: AC78 - Quickclick™ Adjustable Stabilizer
36-53 $11.00

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