Rung Lock Kit (Pair)


    Item #: 28-2

Fits on Models:
(Mk 10 thru Mk 17)
(Mk 10 thru Mk 17)
(Mk 10 thru Mk 16)
(Mk 10 thru Mk 17)
NOT available Locks that go over one rung and locks with metal flippers are NOT available.
D1124-2AC94 (Mk 16 & Mk 17)
(Mk 10 thru Mk 17)
(Mk 10 thru Mk 16)

Single Locking System Do you currently have a "single" or "double" locking system on your ladder; i.e.

- do your rung locks cover both rungs (front and back) when raised and lowered or

- do your locks only span one rung of your ladder?

If you have a single locking system, rung locks are no longer available.

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