Rung Lock Kit (Pair)


    Item #: 28-11

Warning REMEMBER! Approximate length of this lock: 8"
Check length of your lock & mark number (Mk) before placing an order.

Fits on Models:
D1216-2 (Mk 18 thru Mk 21)
D1220-2 (Mk 18 thru Mk 21)
D1224-2 (Mk 18 thru Mk 21)
D1228-2 (Mk 18 thru Mk 21)
D1232-2 (Mk 18 thru Mk 21)
D1236-2 (Mk 18 thru Mk 21)
D1240-2 (Mk 18 thru Mk 21)

D1716-2EQ (all Mk numbers)
D1720-2EQ (all Mk numbers)
D1724-2EQ (all Mk numbers)
D1728-2EQ (all Mk numbers)

D1316-2 (Mk 10 thru Mk 12)
D1320-2 (Mk 10 thru Mk 12)
D1324-2 (Mk 10 thru Mk 12)
D1328-2 (Mk 10 thru Mk 12)
D1332-2 (Mk 10 thru Mk 12)
D1336-2 (Mk 10 thru Mk 12)
D1340-2 (Mk 10 thru Mk 12)

D1816-2EQ (all Mk numbers)
D1820-2EQ (all Mk numbers)
D1824-2EQ (all Mk numbers)
D1828-2EQ (all Mk numbers)

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